Our Produce

Stubbins is a privately-owned, family glasshouse grower which has been involved in all aspects of salad crop production, which started way back in 1964.Yellow PeppersWe have since become a leading UK based grower, packer and distributor of fresh salads and vegetables.

Throughout this time we have evolved our product range and experience with all varieties of Aubergine, Cucumbers, Pepper and Tomatoes.

Expert Growers

The group now owns and grows more than 40 varieties of Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber and Aubergine from over 35 hectares of protected cropping in the UK, with major sites in Waltham Abbey, Essex; Fen Drayton, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire.Cucumbers

In addition, we also are considered expert growers of Celery, Courgettes and Lettuce.

Best Practice

Midi Plum TomatoesMany growers and packers (not just those in the UK) see us as a company they want to work with. They can see the potential benefit in Stubbins sharing best practice with them.

Helping smaller growers and packers improve their freshness and quality regimes benefits the retailer and consumer with higher quality products.

Industry Leaders

Stubbins are and continue to be industry leaders in such areas as the introduction of Assured Produce, Global Gap and BRC to its growing and packing base.
AuberginesWe are also at the forefront in the use of biological systems and reduction of pesticides.

By having close working relationships with plant breeders, we continue to lead the development of new and improved salad varieties.