AubergineStubbins grow British aubergines during the summer months in our modern nurseries and we also have summer growing partners in Holland to ensure supply. During the winter season we can continue to supply fresh aubergines grown by our partners in Southern Spain and Italy.

Aubergines, also known as Eggplants or Melongene are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, including white, black and green. Most aubergines that are grown in the UK are large and deep purple in colour, and are either oval or teardrop in shape.

Health Benefits:

Aubergines are a good source of fibre but they also contain small amounts of carbohydrate, very little protein and virtually no fat. Aubergines have health benefits too and act as a digestive tonic by stimulating the discharge of bile from the pancreas.


Aubergines are most ingestible when fried but healthiest when baked or casseroled and are great in ratatouille and Moussaka. It is important to only eat “ripe” aubergines and also to cook them thoroughly otherwise they retain a level of Solanine which if present can cause a stomach upset.

Aubergine Availability: