CeleryStubbins source our Summer celery from our UK grower partners and during the winter months, we obtain it from it our Spanish growers in the south east of Spain. Celery is available as either green or white types. The green varieties are generally less stringy and pithy in comparison to white types. Throughout the year Stubbins produce only the green varieties.

Both the leaves and stalks are edible, but it is the essential oil that is responsible for its unique and distinct taste and most of its health properties.


Nutritionally celery has relatively low levels of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Celery contains essential oil which provides some key health benefits. It has a strong diuretic effect which is good for any condition related to water retention – for example Kidney Stones or Gout.

Health Benefits:

Celery is also rich in alkaline mineral salts and has the potential to neutralise excess acids in the body. It is also claimed that celery can assist in reducing both hypertension and excess cholesterol.


Celery, with its distinctive flavour and texture is great raw in salads, or as a carrier for dips. It’s also ideal for including in casseroles or combined with other vegetables to produce a robust and distinctive flavoured soup.

Celery Availability: