CourgetteBritish courgettes are field grown in the Eastern counties with a protective covering of plastic for the early crops. Courgettes from Jersey are used to extend both the early and late UK growing season. To ensure year-round supply, courgettes for the winter period are produced by our partner growers in Southern Spain and Italy using plastic growing structures. Early spring and late autumn courgettes are from our partner growers in France.

Courgettes are closely related to the cucumber and squash families with similar properties and health benefits. All varieties have a white or creamy yellow pulp with a solid consistency and an edible skin.

There are a range of skin colours from white, yellow and pale flecked green to very dark green verging on black. Stubbins supply our courgettes all year round that are mid to dark green in colour and 14-21cms in size.


Courgettes are very low in fat, sodium and calories with a relative high protein level in comparison to other vegetables.

Health Benefits:

Courgettes have digestive soothing benefits due to properties associated with the flesh and can be used to assist with easing indigestion and stomach upsets.


Courgettes can be finely shredded for inclusions in salads or grilled if required in a variety of dishes but the flesh retains a considerable amount of oil, especially if fried.

Courgette Availability: