CucumberStubbins UK cucumbers are grown in modern glasshouse structures using the latest environmentally friendly combined heat and power systems. We use biological systems for pest control and have mildew resistant varieties which together virtually eliminate the need for pesticides.

During the summer months we also have Dutch partner growers to meet demand. Winter period cucumbers are grown at Stubbins NEG at Nijar, Almeria and we are supplied by partner growers using plastic growing structures in the Almeria and Motril regions in Southern Spain. We also have programmed crops for the most difficult winter periods of production in the Canary Islands and Morocco.

Stubbins also have experience in growing midi and mini cues (baby types) and we can also supply half (portioned) cucumbers from our high care cutting facility.

Cucumbers exist in a range of sizes, shapes and even colours and there are specific preferences in various part of the world. For example, many Asian types have thick, dark green prickly skins which have to be removed before being eaten. These Asian types have flesh which has relatively high dry matter content and an astringent taste.

In comparison, the British preference is for relatively thin, medium green, edible skinned types with mildly sweet, soft textured flesh. Cucumbers are harvested and eaten unripe since mature fruit lose their crispness and become yellow and spongy.


96% of a cucumber’s weight is water, but they are one of the most water rich foods because of their mineral content, which is highly alkaline. Cucumbers have low calorific values and their protein, carbohydrate and fat levels are very low. They contain a whole range of elements and various trace elements.

Health Benefits:

Cucumbers are claimed to possess a range of properties, including acting as both a diuretic and a laxative. They are also claimed to be useful in neutralising excess acidic waste in the digestive tract and bloodstream.


Cucumbers are usually eaten raw as a fundamental ingredient of prepared salads – with or without skin – and they may be included with other vegetables and salads in the traditional Spanish chilled soup Gazpacho. Cucumbers can also be cooked by baking or included in hot soups.

Cucumber Availability: