PeppersStubbins grow and supply the full range of Capsicums (peppers). Bell peppers, or as they are sometimes known, California peppers, are ‘blocky’ in shape and are the most commonly used type.

We grow a range of colours including red, yellow, green and orange, although brown, black and purple peppers are also colours that we have grown and are available if required.

Sweet pointed Mediterranean peppers have become increasingly popular in recent years. We grow red, yellow and orange point varieties, in both baby and large sweet point peppers. Stubbins have also have trialled a wide range of other pepper types from around the world at our pepper nursery at Waltham Abbey, Essex.

PeppersFrom these trials, we developed the range of red and yellow sweet pointed peppers plus sweet green and other types. Outside of the UK season we grow peppers in Southern Spain and we also have grower partners in Holland, Israel and Sicily.


Peppers are generally sweet in flavour, but do have seeds within the fruit’s body which do contain some heat when eaten. Red peppers are the most popular variety for their colour and flavour, whilst green peppers are actually harvested at an immature stage and if allowed to ripen further, will become a red, yellow or orange pepper.

Health Benefits:

Peppers have high levels of vitamins, for example: vitamin C levels four times higher than oranges or lemons. Vitamin A (beta-carotene) is abundant in sweet red peppers as are carotenoids such as lycopene which is a strong antioxidant. Peppers also contain varying levels of Capsaicin an antioxidant that gives some peppers a hot taste. The hotter the pepper tastes the higher the level of Capsaicin.


Peppers are often eaten raw to add crunch to salads. They can also be roasted or stuffed, especially the pointed peppers. They can be included with other vegetables to create winter soups and salads in traditional Mediterranean cooking. Peppers are generally sweet in flavour, with green peppers being a favourite topping on some pizzas and are widely used in Asian cooking.

Pepper Availability: